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FridayMay 31, 2019 9:50 am

5 Reasons Why ETH Could Beat Bitcoin

Game of Thrones warned us for years that winter was on the way and while it did finally arrive for the top-rated show, it was far more lackluster than anticipated and arguably less damaging than the crypto winter we just traipsed our way through. Now that we’re in a bull market and seeing Bitcoin and Ether regaining lost ground, is it possible that the second place crypto could eventually overtake the reigning leader? While it may seem farfetched at this point, especially with Bitcoin approaching $9k and ETH sitting just shy of $300, there are some key points that could…

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ThursdayMay 30, 2019 10:24 am

15 YouTube Crypto Influencers You Should Follow

Everyone’s got a voice. Some people happen to have a larger platform and audience than others. If you are interested in the world of crypto, blockchain, and technology, you might follow the people on this list of YouTube Crypto Influencers. They are listed in no particular order. Andreas M. Antonopoulos His name is a mouthful but Andreas Antonopoulos is a long time YouTuber who some might consider the grand-daddy of blockchain evangelism. He’s authored the book Mastering Bitcoin, a developer’s guide to bitcoin, and presents top-notch news about blockchain technology and Bitcoin through his social media channels. He is a…

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WednesdayMay 29, 2019 11:57 am

Wild West Crypto Show Discusses Rising Price of Bitcoin

Episode 61 of the Wild West Crypto Show featured industry experts The episode focused on the recent run-up in bitcoin price The show also featured information on STOs The latest episode of the Wild West Crypto Show – episode 61 – was recently signed, sealed and delivered. The compelling segment included discussions on the rise in bitcoin price and other key issues concerning the industry. Episode 61 featured hosts Drew Taylor and Brent Bates examining the latest cryptocurrency news with Jonathan Keim, communications director of CryptoCurrencyWire. The episode kicked off with a discussion about Flexa launching a global payment network…

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WednesdayMay 29, 2019 11:34 am

Why is the price of BTC rising?

Bitcoin, the censorship-resistant, disinflationary digital currency, formed to decouple money from the state in a decentralized, peer to peer, and trustless manner, is back. Yes, bitcoin is back again. The leading digital asset has recently broken its $156,250,307,438 market cap and is expected to make higher upward moves over the course of the coming months. That’s certainly fantastic news. But why? Let’s take a look at the markets. Bitcoin Statistics and Data Transaction Volume Bitcoin transactions have still been steady since the great bitcoin crash of early 2018. The rate of transactions has ranged from 144,00 to 250,000 on a…

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TuesdayMay 28, 2019 9:29 am

Best IEO To Follow

While lawyers such as Stephen D Palley have stated on Twitter that “98 percent of the STO & IEO narrative is about convincing people to part w/ their money w/ expectation of lambo moon returns. It’s the ICO/token sale in a new candy wrapper. Bitcoin doesn’t need a new candy wrapper”. Individuals still look to IEO’s for significant instant returns when they may be able to save themselves time, stress, and money by simply entering and exiting the top coins and tokens at the correct times. Yet, for those that are interested in investing in IEO’s, let’s take a look…

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FridayMay 24, 2019 11:29 am

HODL RALLY to Take Over W Hotel in Barcelona for Barcelona Blockchain Summit

Come along for the ride as HODL RALLY heads to Barcelona to take over the W Hotel for the EVOLV Blockchain Summit. The two-day conference, planned for July 4-5, will feature experts and developers in the crypto and blockchain spaces for a series of addresses and panel discussions. The event will also encompass several entertaining functions, as well as roundtable discussions with industry influencers and leaders, all against the backdrop of the beautiful Mediterranean Sea. The Barcelona Blockchain Summit will be the pièce de résistance of HODL RALLY, which will soon be winding its way across Europe to promote blockchain…

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FridayMay 24, 2019 8:36 am

5 Reasons Why IEO are Better Than ICOs

As many organizations have found out in recent history, participating in ICOs (Initial Coin Offering) can be fairly risky, especially if you’re not an expert at ICO and fundraising. Since the first ICO was launched back in 2013 by Mastercoin (now known as Omni), billions of dollars have been raised by various ICOs. Just last year alone there were 1247 ICOs that raised over $7,500,000,000. Until this year, ICOs were the main source of fundraising for blockchain projects. Leaving those inexperienced in fundraising to fight among themselves for the attention of investors. However, Initial Exchange Offerings (IEO) have the same…

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ThursdayMay 23, 2019 10:00 am

Is Bitcoin the New Gold?

Financial experts and technologists have called bitcoin, digital gold. With people ranging from the ex Fortress Investment Group manager turned CEO of Galaxy Digital to one of the founders of Apple (Steve Wozniak) to reporters such as Nathaniel Popper who even wrote a book entitled Digital Gold: Bitcoin and the Inside Story of the Misfits. If there’s a book that calls it digital gold, its got to be so. Right? Let’s investigate. What are the Characteristics of Gold and Bitcoin? Scarcity – Gold is revered as a precious asset due to its scarcity and overall soundness but there may be…

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WednesdayMay 22, 2019 11:38 am

HODL RALLY to Parade Blockchain Brands in Eight Cities over Eight Days

Move over Formula One, and make way for the HODL RALLY, which is soon to wind its way across Europe, parading some of the best blockchain brands through eight cities in eight days. For over a week, up to 100 supercars will cruise 1,800 miles through an octet of metropolises – London, Paris, Geneva, Monaco, Barcelona, Valencia, Dénia and Ibiza – offering marketers a rare opportunity to expose their brands to the denizens of these great cities. HODL RALLY gets off the grid on June 29, from Pall Mall in central London, with a cocktail meet and greet. Then, it…

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WednesdayMay 22, 2019 10:47 am

Bitcoin vs USD For Storing Value Purposes

Individuals work hard to earn their currency. Their currency earned can be fiat currencies such as Venezuelan bolivars, United States dollars, Argentine pesos, euros, or even bitcoin. Regardless of the currency, people expect it to have one core function, the preservation of value. They expect money to serve as a medium of exchange, as a unit of account and as a store of value. Market participants in an economy want to know that they will be able to have purchasing power and the ability to use their hard-earned currency to make effective decisions. They don’t want to experience significant fluctuations…

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