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5AM Global Kicks off International-Level Soiree, Live at Worre Studios

LAS VEGAS, NV – Today, 5AM Global unveils its upcoming event, Interstellar Soiree, as a groundbreaking in-person and virtual world tour that showcases the ongoing evolution of AI and robotics, set to transform the tech world live at Worre Studios on January 10, 2024.

The upcoming Interstellar Soiree emerges as a one-day celebration, offering tech brands and pioneers access to live funding pitch sessions, tech awards, and interactive discussions, marking a pivotal moment in the evolution of AI and robotics.

Hosted by SophiaVerse and sisters of the iconic Sophia the Robot: Grace and Desi, the event continues the esteemed “Future of…” Series, focusing on accelerating exposure, adoption, and funding in key areas of emerging technology.

The event venue, Worre Studios, is an established powerhouse of emerging technology, designed to bring the future of interactive experiences to life with streaming capabilities for a live audience of up to 1,000,000 viewers worldwide.

“With our commitment to helping empower brands to maximize exposure and engage with a diverse and tech-savvy audience on a global scale, we recognized Worre Studios as the ultimate venue for this event,” said 5AM Global Founder and CEO Shawn Andrews.  

“We are simply stunned by its high-end streaming technology and capability to translate in real time, removing all barriers for global attendees. Therefore, whether in-person or virtually, our participants and attendees will have a valuable experience.” 

Participants of Interstellar Soiree gain access to wide-reaching brand visibility, establish thought-leadership recognition, and build business connections among masterminds and decision-makers throughout the tech world.

Attendees at Interstellar Soiree have the rare opportunity for direct engagement with visionaries and tech pioneers while getting first-hand experience on latest trends and innovations with artificial intelligence, robotics, and emerging technologies in business, city, travel, and life. 

Interstellar Soiree is part of the BREATHE! Experience, produced by 5AM Global, and ignited through the synergy of these key Project Founders: 

  • Shawn Andrews, 5AM Global – BREATHE! Exp: A strategic marketing and business management firm with a combined 110 years of dynamic branding, PR, and event production

  • Marc-Lionel Gatto, My Global Village: Champions in global tech connectivity and collective intelligence across the French-speaking world and beyond.

  • Bill Inman, SophiaVerse: A decentralized platform combining the realms of AI and gaming and front-runners in AI and robotics, symbolized by the renowned Sophia the Robot.

  • Larry Smith, Worre Studios: A state-of-the-art 25,000 square foot venue that boasts a stage-in-the-round footprint, surrounded by a technologically-advanced 360-degree 1.9mm 4k LED interactive screen system.

  • Sam Chauhan, Mindset Summit – An invigorating event designed to empower business owners and sales professionals to unlock their full potential and elevate their success to unprecedented heights.

  • Pavan Agarwal, Angel Ai – Angel Ai sets new standards in financial support, offering tailored guidance and access to exceptional mortgage products and services.

The event has additional visionaries joining the mission of Interstellar Soiree, including Mike Johns of Tech This Out Innovation House and Tech with Soul, which is part of a multi-dimensional strategic agency that continues to disrupt technology and all aspects of culture.

Marc-Lionel Gatto, Founder of My Global Village, eloquently captures the essence of the event: 

“For the past six years, My Global Village has brought its Francophone Soiree to Las Vegas, and since 2020, we have worked with 5AM Global. Now, I am even more excited about the impact that Interstellar Soiree will have on showcasing and connecting the right innovators, distributors, entrepreneurs, and verticals on a global scale. We are building an ongoing network of ‘techsplorers’ who easily overcome geographical boundaries to do business. This is far more than an event. It’s the global initiative for collective intelligence that the whole world can experience.”

The reach of Interstellar Soiree extends to partnerships across continents, with significant international contributions that enhance the global radar for tech innovation. Attendees are expected to unite at this event from multiple areas of the world, with a networking focus on startups, VC’s, Founders, and professionals from the USA, MENA region, French speaking countries, Japan, Korea, and Southeast Asia. Stepping into the New Year, the soiree presents an unparalleled opportunity to celebrate, showcase, and engage with leading tech figures and masterminds.

For sponsorship inquiries, contact Ally Muhammad, VP of Business Development, 5AM Global either by email at ally@5AMGlobal.com or by phone at +1 833-931-3128 ext 523.

Tickets to attend both in-person and digitally for Interstellar Soiree are available now at the Worre Studios Box Office. Visit www.InterstellarSoiree.com for more information.

About 5AM Global

5AM Global is a strategic marketing and business management firm, committed to accelerating the exponential revenue generation of companies and brands. We deliver innovative operational solutions and the most effective and impactful growth strategies and execution; including branding, PR, and event production. Visit www.5AMGlobal.com for more information. 

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