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Press Release of The R.AI.SE Summit April 8th, 2024, Westin Paris Vendôme

R.AI.SE Summit 2024: Enterprise Gateway to Generative AI’s Future

February 12th, 2024, Paris, France – The R.AI.SE Summit, a global reunion of 1,500 global leaders and Generative AI pioneers, is set to take place on April 8th, 2024, at the prestigious Westin Paris Vendôme, Paris, France. The landmark conference will bring together the corporate world and the top artificial intelligence builders to share first-hand insights on using Generative AI to address essential business and societal challenges.

“Excited to discuss Generative AI advancements at RAISE Summit, showcasing Mistral AI’s innovations” comments Arthur Mensch, Co-Founder and CEO of Mistral AI.

Featuring more than 90 expert speakers and 100 partners, the R.AI.SE Summit looks to welcome its 1,500+ attendees with an array of keynotes, panels, and workshops delving into the latest advancements and applications of Generative AI. The event promises to be a hub for corporate executives, entrepreneurs, developers, and investors, offering the opportunity to participate in groundbreaking discussions and networking sessions. The Co-Founders & CEOs of flagship Gen AI companies like Mistral AI, Cohere, Sambanova Systems & Perplexity AI, among many others, will be here to unveil their latest insights and advancements in the field.

“AVEVA is committed to harnessing the power of all types of artificial intelligence, machine learning, advanced analytics and generative capabilities to build comprehensive digital ecosystems that boost collaboration, enable higher efficiency and drive competitive advantage. At RAISE, we are pleased to share how leading companies are using such technologies, including Generative AI, to shape a more sustainable future for global industries.” asserts Caspar Herzberg, CEO of AVEVA and board member of Schneider Electric.

The R.AI.SE Summit is held by Chain of Events, the company behind the biggest European event in Web3 and blockchain, Paris Blockchain Week. The full-day conference, with its exclusive agenda, will serve as a platform for leaders and innovators to converge, share insights, and lay the foundation for future developments in the world of AI.

The Summit aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the current Generative AI revolution, with a focus on 3 main themes: Corporate innovation & transformation, Generative AI builders and Responsible AI activation. In addition to the main Summit, R.AI.SE Dev Arena and R.AI.SE Startup Agora events will provide unique platforms for builders and investors of the AI ecosystem.

The Dev Arena is a first-of-its-kind AI hackathon, sponsored by Mistral AI and organized with our operating partner Sia Partners, that will assemble the crème de la crème of developers in the field to become the epicenter for companies seeking to shape the future of Generative AI. The hackathon will feature over 150 participants under the guidance of field-expert mentors and will work on Mistral AI’s open-source models and tech stack. The hackathon will be featuring 4 different industries-focused tracks delving into the current hottest business issues.

Mistral AI comments “The Mistral hackathon at RAISE in France marks a significant stride forward in championing the open-source ethos across Europe”.

The Startup Agora is a pioneering platform set to showcase innovative startups’ cutting-edge solutions with its Startups Competition and Investors Zone. The future gems of the Generative AI industry will be displayed in the Startup Competition, where over 500 startups will vie to prove the value of their project to an elite cohort of global investors. Participants will get a chance to meet industry leaders, venture capitalists and investors to present their ideas and technologies to a diverse and worldwide audience.

Paris was chosen as a venue for the Summit due to France’s leadership in AI innovation, with President Macron having placed a strategic focus on AI development with a series of initiatives and investments. Among multiple initiatives led lately, Meta opened an AI Research (FAIR) lab in the historic capital, while local firm Mistral AI recently raised 385 million euros in a funding round led by Andreessen Horowitz and LightSpeed Ventures. In addition, President Macron has unveiled a bold €1.5 billion initiative dubbed “France 2030” to accelerate French investments in strategic industries and propel the nation as a global AI leader.

This ambitious plan mirrors the recent launch of “Kyutai,” an open-source AI research lab backed by tech heavyweights like Xavier Niel, Rodolphe Saadé, and Eric Schmidt.

About The R.AI.SE Summit

The R.AI.SE Summit is a cutting-edge gathering of 1,500+ global leaders dedicated to exploring the transformative power of Generative AI on businesses. Organized by the company behind Paris Blockchain Week, the full-day conference features a buzzing agenda, workshops, exhibitions and networking to bring together some of the brightest minds in the artificial intelligence industry in person in Paris, France.

Learn more: https://www.raisesummit.com


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