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New Joint MilCoin & RFCoin Provides Cryptocurrency Investors Unprecedented Arbitrage Opportunity

LatAm OceanRE Ltd. and MilCoin – RFCoin Network (www.MilCoin.io / www.rfcoin.io) announce the launch of MilCoin & RFCoin Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs). Proceeds of the ICOs will support the implementation of a capital markets initiative to fund the acquisition of millions of hectares of pristine land located along 1,000s of kilometers of coastline, for preservation and development purposes.

LatAm OceanRE is the first company in history to combine blockchain technologies, the most disruptive and revolutionary investment medium, with the two most progressive investment developments of the past: real estate and the stock market.

The Property

The majority of the property portfolio is beachfront land along the coastline of the Pacific Ocean, Sea of Cortez, and the Caribbean Sea primarily located in Mexico, as well as in Columbia, Belize and Jamaica. The portfolio includes income-producing properties such as resorts and hotels in popular tourist destinations. A portion of land identified as rainforest with “last stand” refuges for endangered animal and plant species will be protected and preserved.

The greater scope of development includes operational and income-producing properties, including hotels, resorts, apartments, office complexes, agricultural land with fruits and vegetables, aquaculture, and mining precious metals. These metals and minerals include copper, iron, gold, silver, cement, limestone, slate rock, sand, onyx, gravel, granite and marble, among other valuable resources.

How to Invest

To acquire RainForest Coins (RFC) backed by land deeded for preservation, investors can visit https://www.RFCoin.io.

Milcoins (MIL) backed by oceanside and oceanfront property designated for development into resorts and other income-producing real estate projects can be acquired at https://www.MilCoin.io.

Each RFCoin and MilCoin sold will be backed by hard assets (i.e. real estate) conservatively valued at many times the face value of each coin.

Cost & Purchasing

RFCoin Token – USD$1 – https://www.rfcoin.io/product/invest

Purchase includes one free lottery ticket per person in the Oceanfront Homesite Sweepstakes, which consists of:

  • The grand prize: an oceanfront building site
  • Guaranteed to all entrants: “Everyone’s a Guaranteed Winner” prize is 5 RFCoin

Milcoin Token – Minimum investment amount is $500 USD – https://www.milcoin.io/product/milcoin-ico-invest

Purchase includes one free lottery ticket per person in the Oceanfront Homesite Sweepstakes, which consists of:

  • The grand prize: an oceanfront building site
  • Guaranteed to all entrants: “Everyone’s a Guaranteed Winner” prize is 5 RFCoin

In addition, Milcoin investors receive:

  • 500 RFCoins
  • 50 Shares of Silver MilCoin Stock
  • One (1) Crypto MilCoin
  • One (1) Share of Diamond MilCoin Stock
  • One (1) Share of common stock in fourteen (14) of LatAm’s publicly traded companies

This is a unique opportunity providing a possibility of a very high short and long-term return on investment (ROI).

Click on the following link  for information on the Content and Possible Short and Long-Term ROI: https://www.milcoin.io/Cost-Content-and-Possible-ROI-of-0.05-Percent-of-One-1-Triple-Crown-Integrated-Investment-Block-TCIIB.pdf

Company Statements

“We have been working on this project combing the available oceanfront real estate in all of Mexico as well as Columbia, Jamaica, Belize etc., for the past four years, bringing to the table the best available oceanfront properties for immediate, short and long-term development, as well as income-producing properties and running operations. Sustainable development in harmony with nature and our community, as well as our surroundings for a better quality of life, is the answer to global warming and a healthier life,” stated Cesar Hank, LatAm founder and chairman of the board.

Mr. Hank also lauded internationally known resort and entertainment venue developer Andy Grant for the giant steps LatAm has taken since appointing Mr. Grant and Grant Leisure Co. as its president and CEO.

“The whole Grant-Leisure team and specifically Mr. Grant have been intimately involved in LatAm since its inception,” he said. “Andy and his team have been with us from the very beginning, playing a major role in the research and design of many of the properties; some of which have already been completed.

“Mr. Andrew Grant is the visionary and the global leader in the strategic planning and implementation of visitor attractions and resort destinations. What distinguishes Mr. Grant from others is his creative approach to conceptualizing an innovative visitor experience, paired with his sheer volume of operational expertise.  Having worked in the industry for over 50 years, Mr. Grant has planted his flag in 36 countries, across six continents.  He has successfully completed over 2,500 projects on a vast array of attractions around the world including resorts, casinos, theme parks, studio tours, zoological institutions, brand experiences, industrial tours, museums, and world expos.  Mr. Grant has a reputation for ensuring that projects come in on time and under budget without short-cutting on any of the qualities needed to transform a project’s vision into an uncompromised reality.”

Over 150 million annual visitors pay admissions to entertainment and cultural attractions that Mr. Grant has consulted on, owned, and/or operated at corners of the globe.

Mr. Hank also noted that LatAm co-founder Cuauhtemoc “Cuau” Hank spent about four years working as an executive at Grupo Financiero Interacciones, the Hank Rhone family owned and operated Investment Bank and Banorte, Mexico’s largest consumer bank and another Hank-Rhone family owned and operated property.

“Between our two banks, we hold more than 50 percent of Mexico’s municipal debt,” said Cuauhtemoc “Cuau” Hank. “I strongly believe that the financial instruments offered to investors in this ICO and Financial Instruments Offering on the Capital Markets will be recognized as the best quality investment product available on those markets today. The similarity between Bitcoin and MilCoin is significant, particularly in the area of keeping the supply well below the demand. Bitcoin will have only 21,000,000 bitcoins issued and outstanding. We plan to issue only 22,250,000 MilCoins and to re-acquire and retire as many of them as fast as we can.”

The differences between the Bitcoin and MilCoin are significant as well, noted Cuauhtemoc “Cuau” Hank.

“Upon the successful Financial Instruments offering on the Capital Markets, one (1) MilCoin will be backed by real estate valued between $830,000 and $5,500,000 U.S. dollars. Bitcoins, on the other hand, have no hard asset value. Their value for speculators is based solely on the expectation that their status as a well-known brand has created enough demand to fuel constant price appreciation. It is my hope that cryptocurrency investors and other investors, particularly conservative investors, worldwide will take a look at LatAm’s Investment products and investment opportunities and recognize them for what they are; packages combining the best of brick-and-mortar investments, resort and other property development in one of the most beautiful and climate advantaged areas on earth, and advanced hard-asset, recession-resistant cryptocurrency. In my opinion, these differences between our coinage and Bitcoin makes LatAm Milcoin the only true Blue Chip in the crypto-currency space.”

Resource Links

Hank Rhon Family:

Articles and reviews for LatAm and MilCoin – RFCoin Network ICOs:

Members of the LatAm & MilCoin – RFCoin Network’s team:

Information on Andrew Grant and Grant Leisure, the President and CEO of LatAm OceanRE, Ltd. & Milcoin, Rfcoin Networks:

Feasibility Study on the first resort of LatAm & MilCoin Network in Puerto Vallarta based on hobby of movies with Film Studio:

1. https://www.milcoin.io/

Investment in MilCoins, RFCoins and 16 stocks integrated into TCIIB’s funding acquisition of land for resorts development and preservation.

2. https://www.rfcoin.io/

Fund preservation of Rainforest and engendered animal species living on that land.

3. http://www.alwayswinlottery.org/

Every ICO participant will receive one (1) lottery ticket and wins 5 RFCoins and land for ecologically sustainable home. (Funding LatAm Save The World preservation initiatives).

4. http://www.latamsavetheworld.com/

Donations Funding LatAm Save The World preservation initiatives.

5. http://abc123start.com/

Every participant becomes a subscriber to http://abc123start.com/
Mining MilCoins and RFCoins by recommending to other subscribers.
Mining MilCoins and RFCoins by agreeing to view advertising.

“Investing in LatAm & MilCoin – RFCoin Network carries a high level of risk and may not be suitable for all investors. The high degree of risk and reward can work against you as well as for you with returns such as in Disney (DIS), Apple (AAPL), Google (GOOG), AMAZON (AMZN), FACEBOOK (FB) and in Microsoft (MSFT). Before deciding to invest in LatAm & MilCoin – RFCoin Network, you should carefully consider your investment objectives, level of experience, and risk appetite. The possibility exists that you could sustain a loss of some or all your initial investment and therefore you should not invest money that you cannot afford to lose. You should be aware of all the risks associated with investing in fast growth companies and seek advice from an independent financial adviser if you have any doubts.”

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